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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Opening for Diego Figueiredo 

at Nighttown

Sep 22nd at 8 pm.

You should not miss this show.

Please get your tickets online at:

Moises Borges and Kenny Davis

15 years of musical partnership

Sat Oct 1st at Bop Stop, 8pm. $12.

This Saturday will be memorable. After I met Kenny we have played more than once a week for a decade and a half, we polished several arrangements and created new ones. In a symbiotic way we have grown as humans in music.We invite you to an evening of Bossa Nova with a touch of jazz from the legendary Grammy award winner Kenny Davis on trumpet and Moises Borges on vocals and guitar.

Address2920 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

Their Bios are...

Opening for Monica Da Silva

at Nighttown. $15.

Monday October 24th at 7pm.

Society Lounge Beats - 10pm to 1am.

Friday December 9th 2016.


Descending down the stairs to the Society Lounge opens

a passage way back in time to an era where socializing

transpires face to face, men shine their shoes, hats are
never worn inside and a door is always opened for a lady.
We return to the essence of this...

Echoes of Getz/Gilberto at Nighttown

Fri Dec 30th 8:30pm $15. 

Featuring Joshua Smith on Tenor.

Me and Josh have this connection through the Bossa Nova,

this will be a singular moment: Be there or be square ;-)

Tickets online at

Joshua Smith is a...





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